Japanese Name 智花
Romanized Name Tomoka
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Active
School Seikain Joggaku
Occupation Student


Manga Chapter 22

Tomoka (智花 Tomoka?) is a minor character introduced in the series

Appearance Edit

She long hair which reaches below her shoulders, which is usually tied up into a ponytail.

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

When she first was introduced, she was seen taking a run, but she accidentally dropped her towel, and because of Miyuki was there, she picked it up and told her that she is going to wash it. Meanwhile, Miyuki gave her another towel. However, before Miyuki was going away, Tomoka asked why someone from the Kujou family was working as a maid. However, Miyuki told her that she has no answer to her query.

Trivia Edit

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