Sayuri Kimachi



Japanese Name 来待 早百合
Romanized Name Kimachi Sayuri
Age 30s
Gender Female
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Personal Status
Status Active
School Seikain Jogakkou
Occupation Principal

Takako Honda (Japanese)
Heather Walker (English)

Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Sayuri Kimachi (来待 早百合 Kimachi Sayuri?) is a supporting character in the series, and she is also the principal of the school, Seikain Jogakkou

Appearance Edit

Despite being somewhere around 30, Sayuri is a very good looking young woman. She has long, straight, flowing dirty blonde hair that reaches to at least to her hips and she fair skin. She wears a necklace and she is usually seen with her suite.

Personality Edit

Sayuri is very cheerful and also very childish sometimes adult woman, which explains why she often plays and/or joke around. She is also very kind and generous, always wears a smile on her lips. Despite this, she has also shown to be mature like a ''real'' adult and is shown to have responsibility.

Plot Edit

Sayuri is the second person Kimito meets upon coming to the school, she was pretending to be a female high school student. However, Kimito noticed that she was the principal instantly. She then explains about the school to Kimito.

Trivia Edit

  • She usually has her eyes closed; thus not knowing which eye color she has.
  • Sayuri (早百合?) means "early" or "lily"

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