Family Edit

Reiko Arisugawa Edit

Masaomi greatly cares and loves his younger sister, and he visits her very often. He tells Reiko that she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and is overprotective of her, and gets very angry if someone tries to harm her in any kind of way. And he always gets angry when Reiko bring up Kimito's name.

Houko Arisugawa Edit

Masaomi's mother. Not so much known about their relationship so far.

Friends and Acquaintances Edit

Kimito Kagurazaka Edit

Masaomi dislikes Kimito, mostly for Reiko's affection to Kimito. He thought that Kimito had done something or harmed Reiko, which made him very angry towards Kimito. However, Reiko told him to he didn't do anything. However, he still acts cold towards Kimito and tells Kimito to stay off Reiko, which upsets Reiko. She says that he don't have to so rude to Kimito, and if doesn't apologize, Reiko promised to never talk to Masaomi again, which made Masaomi quite sad and upset, and because of this, he dislikes Kimito even more. However, he helped Kimito and the others to prevent Reiko to getting married, because it was against her will.

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