Friends and Acquaintances Edit

Kimito Kagurazaka Edit

During her first meeting with Kimito, she attacks him with her sword whilst trying to save face in front of her classmates. After a string of misunderstandings and mishaps caused by her own wild sword attacks, she believes Kimito has defeated her and declares that she will become his student; however, she makes it clear that her actual desire is to surpass and kill him. After the fortune telling, Kimito and Karen get 100 points, it was telling her that she maybe didn't feel anything for him, but she will regret losing him for the rest of her life.

After this, Karen slowly starts to be friendly towards him and in the end she falls in love with him. Karen also willingly wore pants that reveals her thighs in order to appeal to Kimito's thigh fetish, and they were also once alone in Karen's house. Though she isn't perfectly aware of her feelings for Kimito and don't show her feelings that much, they are on good terms, and Kimito also treasures Karen as a good friend.

Aika Tenkuubashi Edit

Aika and Karen didn't talk with each other much before, so they weren't very close at the time. However, after spending time in the club they become closer. Also, Aika said that they are very alike: because they both are loners. They would often talk to each other in class and hang out with each other, and just spending time with each other. Aika said that Karen should be a celebrity, but Karen says that is too much work and it doesn't fit her, and she later says that it wasn't pointless working for it; because she made friends with Aika. At the forest, where Karen always had always spent time alone, Aika came and talked to her alot. They also made bunny dolls in Karen's room, and Karen states that they have always been together, and it was fun and as long as Aika is with her, she don't need to be a celebrity or something else. And as she hands Aika her last bunny doll, Karen asks Aika to be her friend. This deeply touches Aika, and after this event, the two become very close, and have almost sister bond. They are usually seen with each other and compliment each other. Despite being embarrassed, she was happy, and the narrator claimed that a pair of partners will remain friends forever; (Aika and Karen).

Hakua Shiodome Edit

She adores Hakua and becomes very depressed when Hakua ignored her in favor of Kimito, leading her to get angry at him as a result, and she has a sexual arousal with Hakua. However, it appears Hakua likes Karen as she told her maid that Karen was another one of her friends as Karen was touched by this.