Chapter 1
Yōkoso komonā
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Volume 1
Chapter 1
Pages 44
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Welcome Commoner is the 1st chapter of the manga adaption.

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter starts with the head maid, Miyuki Kujou, telling Kimito Kagurazaka, that he will be the a student of Seikain Jogakkou. They later talk with Sayuri Kimachi, the principal claiming to be a high school student. Kimito then starts having flash backs of what happend when he got captured, while Miyuki explains what she school does; the school is a traditional school where girls train to become pure Yamato Nadeshiko and the three talk about the school.

Later, Sayuri tells Kimito that they have explained the situation to his family and friends. Miyuki then tells him that he going to meet all the students.

Kimito spotts Reiko Arisugawa, the representive of the first year high school section. She tells him to take care of her. Kimito then introduces himself, saying ''I'm (Ore) Kagurazaka Kimito'', which the other girls think is amazing, because he is a commoner.

Then, everyone starts to hear a sound, but Miyuki tells everyone to calm down while taking out a phone. The girls asks what it is, and she says it's a ''handphone'' that she is keeping for Kimito, which the girls finds amusing. Then, a voice from the phone starts coming out, which belong to Eri Hanae, Kimito's childhood friend who is angry about the sudden transfer from home.

Reiko then starts speaking with Eri, without knowing that it's a ''real'' person. All the other girls then wants to try. Reiko then talks with Kimito, that it's really a mobile phone, and telling him that commoners are amazing, and she thanks him for showing everyone such a wonderful thing. Reiko then starts to write a appreciation letter for him, and then packed it into a bag. However, when Kimito touched her hand, she blushed and fell, but was caught by Kimito.

Then, Aika Tenkuubashi walks into the room and takes Kimito with her, out. She then tells him to kiss her, much to Kimito's shock.

Characters Edit

By order of appearances
  • Kimito Kagurazaka
  • Miyuki Kujou
  • Sayuri Kimachi
  • Reiko Arisugawa
  • Eri Hanae (Only Voice)
  • Aika Tenkuubashi

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