Friends and Acquaintances

Kimito KagurazakaEdit

Aika and Kimito has a good relationship, although Kimito thought that Aika was a little wierd in the beginning. Aika was also near at kissing him, and they both also created a club, the Commoner Club. Because of Kimito, Aika now has a more sociable personality and interact with other people more, and spending very much time together, the two has developed a very close relationship, and she probably the closest to him, besides Eri. Also, it shown that is the past, a boy (Kimito) showed her the outside world. They can also be very open with each other. It is hinted that Aika has feelings for Kimito.

Karen Jinryou Edit

At first, the two didn't really interact with each other. However, they gradually begin to spend more time with each other. Aika also said that they are very alike, both being loners and having trouble making friends, and Aika claims that she can relate to Karen. Aika often go to Karen to talk when she sees Karen alone, they also spend time with each other in Karen and Aika's room. This makes them closer and closer, and at some point, Karen tells her feelings to Aika, saying that she is very glad having a friend like Aika, and that she don't need anything as long as Aika is with her. Karen then asks them to be friend. This makes Aika very happy and cries tears of joy. After this event, they become very close, complimenting each other. It seems like they have a sister bond, and it is stated in the manga that the two will remain friends forever.

Reiko Arisugawa Edit

Aika friend and also rival. Reiko and Aika dislikes each other at first, after the incident after the tea party. Both are rivals for Kimito's affection, and they often get in small fights sometimes. They sometimes seem to get along. However, later in the series, when the two where talking about Reiko's marriage, Aika said that she didn't want Reiko to quit school, because with her gone, Aika couldn't pair up with anyone in PE class. Aika also said that there are nobody but her, and that it would be troubling, so she have to there. After this, the two become close friends. However, Aika still show jealousy for Kimito's affection.